Cool Videos: Behind the Scenes with the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park

This is the highlight of my day and my childhood.

When JURASSIC PARK came out in '93, minds were blown. The dinosaurs looked so realistic that you secretly hoped the film wasn't fictional and that a place like that actually existed.

Over on YouTube, the Stan Winston School has posted some really great behind the scenes clips of the dinosaurs from each installment. If the fourth film makes it to the light of day, let's hope that it still feels as amazing as it did the first time.

Prepare to feel like a kid again while watching these clips.

"In this Jurassic Park T-Rex rehearsal footage, Stan Winston's live-action dinosaur effects team puppeteers the full-sized Tyrannosaurus Rex animatronic as a warm up before shooting the unforgettable "Main Road Attack" scene in JP 1."

"Raptor test footage from Jurrasic Park: The Lost World."

"Stan Winston Studios "Compy" hop test from The Lost World: Jurassic Park, SWS puppeteers rehearse the rod puppet Compsognathus in preparation for filming the scene with Steven Spielberg on The Lost World set.

"In this Jurassic Park III rehearsal footage, Stan Winston's live-action dinosaur effects team runs (literally) an upper torso Raptor puppet through its paces in Balboa Park, near the Stan Winston Studio."

"In this JURASSIC PARK 3 special effects behind-the-scenes video from the Stan Winston Studio archives, special character effects artists test the Pteranodon suit used in the movie."

Extra Tidbit: Clever girl.



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