Cool Videos: Gravity gets pulled down to Earth in this Honest Trailer

If you have seen GRAVITY, then you know it is one hell of a ride. Alfonso Cuaron has made an amazing film, from a technical standpoint. But, there are still some elements of the movie (the dialogue) that leave something to be desired. Nevertheless, GRAVITY is an achievement in cinema and that cannot be argued. But that doesn't exempt it from getting the Honest Trailers treatment.

You can tell when the Screen Junkies team is stretching to rip a movie, but with GRAVITY their claims are all pretty accurate. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are decent in the film, but what you are going to see is the scope and scale of the film. That is what made it perfect for IMAX and 3D. Those are also elements that just don't translate to the small screen. Does that make GRAVITY any less enjoyable at home versus in the theater? Maybe a little, but I defy you to find a more thrilling movie released in the last year.

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