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Cool Videos: Super Mario Bros. re-imagined in 4 gritty short films


Evan Daugherty, the screenwriter behind SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN and the upcoming DIVERGENT, has taken it upon himself to give the beloved characters from Super Mario Bros. the "gritty reboot" treatment with "The Four Players", four short films made in conjunction with online multichannel network Maker Studios.

The first two have been released and can be seen below. The first, titled "The Fixer", focuses on Mario, while the second, "The Addict", takes a look at Luigi. The next batch, "The Star", about Princess Peach, and "The Soldier", focusing on Toad, will hit Friday… No word on whether or not we'll ever see Yoshi get his own.

The question is, is this prelude to a new feature film? Can we even fathom such a thing?

"The Fixer"

"The Addict"

Extra Tidbit: Are you digging this new vibe for the Super Mario Bros.? Would you like to see these extended into a feature?
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