Cool Videos: The Cinescape of 2010

Well I told you a few days ago that now that it was December, we were going to be seeing a lot of end of the year compilation features. I showcased one then, and I have another one for you now, though it'll probably be the last unless some truly spectacular and different clip amalgam is made.

It's by Matthew Shapiro, and he's set most of the memorable films of 2010 to The Killer's "A Dustland Fairytale." It's pretty cool, as have been the past five videos in the years Matt's started doing this. Here's what he had to say about the year in film:

"I am a huge believer in the notion that while some films may be for adults and others for kids, and while some films may be of higher quality than those aimed at the lowest common denominator, escaping into the world of a film is a universal experience that we all crave, no matter who we are or how greatly our tastes differ. The goal of this video is to at least begin to capture the essence of what that lose-yourself-to-film feeling is like…and to show just how many kick-ass movies 2010 gave us (because it’s pretty easy to forget)."

Fair enough. Check it out below:

Extra Tidbit: I think his 2008 one is my favorite. Was quite the year.



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