Cool Videos: The Gift, by Alien prequel near-director Carl Erik Rinsch

When word of the ALIEN prequel first came about, Ridley Scott had planned to just produce and have Carl Rinsch, one of his company's directors, take the reins on the xenomorphic origin. But Fox flinched and said Ridley or GTFO.

Judging by Rinsch's short film "The Gift", that's Fox's loss.

Part of Philip Cinema's Parallel Lines project (which is presumably why you have to watch it on a miniature version of their TVs), the mystifying but dazzling short showcases some incredibly convincing robotics, and uniforms that make me want a HALF LIFE 2 movie that much more. Dig.

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Extra Tidbit: Rinsch is now attached to the remake of THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON and the period action epic 47 RONIN. You can find some of Rinsch's commercial work HERE (he directed that Kia "How Ya Like Me Now" spot).
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