Darjeeling trailer!

I love Wes Anderson's stuff and maybe I'm crazy but I even liked THE LIFE AQUATIC. Sure it wasn't as good as RUSHMORE or ROYAL TENENBAUMS but it was still pretty damn good. I was sad that Anderson was spending so much time getting the stop-motion animated film THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX underway and that his live-action stuff wasn't happening (aside from that genius American Express commercial). Thankfully he decided to squeeze in THE DARJEELING LIMITED before he got started filming on FOX. The film stars Anderson mainstays Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman along with Adrien Brody as brothers who travel across India. The trailer was in theaters last week with SUNSHINE and is online today in all its Quicktime glory (is there any better way to watch a Wes Anderson trailer than in Quicktime?). It looks exactly like what you'd expect from a Wes Anderson movie (right down to the font) so you gotta know I'm excited. You can head over to Apple's site to watch it, download it to your iPod or check it out on your iPhone should you be lucky enough to possess one. DARJEELING hits theaters on September 29th.

Extra Tidbit: "What happened to your face?"
Source: Apple.com



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