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Disney has a five-year plan for the Frozen franchise


Disney's record-breaking hit FROZEN shows no signs of cooling down as the studio has announced plans to keep the franchise alive for the immediate future. FROZEN is still playing in a few countries after being released 8 months ago believe it or not; it has grossed over $1.2 billion worldwide beating out TOY STORY 3 ($1.06 billion). So it's no surprise that if you look closely in the eyes of Disney suits, you can probably see dollar signs.

When discussing the extension of the franchise CEO Bob Iger said "You can expect us to take full advantage of that over the next at least five years". I’m certain at this point FROZEN 2 could happen with no singing, dancing, and without a talented voice cast and it would still make mega money based on its name alone. It has everything going for it in terms of marketing and merchandise; its soundtrack has almost sold three million copies! They’re doing FROZEN on ice and the sing-along version of the movie will no-doubt make it rain when it hits August 2, 2014. Disney is also preparing a new attraction with a "Frozen" theme to replace the "Maelstrom" ride in Epcot's Norway Pavillion.

There's also a musical being written for Broadway that will run for years I’m sure. Oh, and the TV show Once Upon a Time is incorporating Elsa, Anna and Kristoff into the next season. Disney will also be launching all new Frozen-themed merchandise this fall as well including a "Frozen Sing-Along Storybook," "Frozen Crystal Kingdom Vanity," "Frozen Sing & Swing Olaf " and a "Frozen Cool Tunes Sing-Along Boombox."

So what I’m saying is, try your best, but there is NO escaping FROZEN. Really though, do you want to? Unless you’re a parent who has had to listen to “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" a million times, it’s a harmless movie for kids full of charm and great animation. I’m so glad I don’t have kids.

Are you ready for 5 more years of FROZEN?

Here is what 286 million views and counting looks like; because you know wanted it!

Extra Tidbit: Frozen has been named in the company's top five franchises and that's including movies from Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars!
Source: Huffington Post



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