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Morgan IS God

Is Morgan Freeman the coolest dude in Hollywood or what? Not only is he always an awesome actor to watch, he's also a bit of a tech head and his own production company has been tweaking with emerging technologies for a while. And now he's looking to bring us the next level of movie rentals.

Freeman's Revelations Entertainment is bringing a barrell full of money to help launch a new service called Digiboo, which will allow customers to rent a movie through download on USB 3.0 interface. Think that's cool? Then please explain to me what the 3.0 stands for 'cause I'm a bit of a techno-twitt... I do get you just need a USB key. I think.

The new service will be available through kiosks within Hollywood Video and Movie Gallery locations, starting with a pilot run this January. Blockbuster is doing something similar to save their asses; their own project involves SD cards, if memory serves. Anyway, Morgan Freeman's a cool dude, was my point. No wonder he played God in two movies...

Extra Tidbit: How long does DVD have left before joining it's VHS and BETA ancestors?
Source: Variety



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