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Troy (Director's Cut) - September 18

Back in April, we reported on a rumored director's cut for the Wolfgang Peteresen epic and now its official. Packaged in a two disc set, the director's cut will have thirty minutes of additional footage and include all features from the previous DVD release.

Disc One: Extended Feature (196mins)

  • 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • English, French and Spanish DD5.1 Surround
  • English, French and Spanish subtitles
  • Troy Revisited: An Introduction by Wolfgang Petersen
Disc Two: Extra Features (from the original DVD release)
  • Troy in Focus
  • In The Thick of the Battle: Discovering how Troy's epic battle sequences were created, from thousands of warrior-extras training in the scorching heat of Mexico, to fierce one-on-one duels to the death
  • From Ruins to Reality: Exploring how the ruins of ancient Troy were unearthed and how Troy’s production design magicians created their own version of this breathtaking, legendary city
  • Troy: An Effects Odyssey: Secrets of Troy’s stunning visual effects are revealed, from conjuring a staggering 1,000 ship armada on the open seas, to producing the bone crunching sound effects of brutal ancient warfare
  • Attacking Troy
  • Greek Ship Towing
  • Theatrical Trailer

John Woo Special Editions - July 24

I gotta be honest, I haven't seen HARD BOILED. It takes a lot to be able to admit something like that. Since I'm admitting stuff, I might as well admit the affection I do have for white doves and K.C. and the Sunshine Band. No big deal, I just want to put on my my my my my boogie shoes.

Hard Boiled (SE) specs:

  • Audio: English 5.1, English Mono, Cantonese 5.1 and Cantonese DTS
  • English and Spanish subtitles
  • Feature Length Audio Commentary By Hong Kong Cinema Expert Bey Logan
  • A Baptism Of Fire: A Featurette With Iconic Director, John Woo
  • Partner In Crime: An Interview With Producer, Terence Chang
  • Art Imitates Life: An Interview With Co-Star, Philip Chan
  • Hard Boiled Location Guide
  • Mad Dog Bites Again: An Interview With Leading Villain, Kwok Choi
  • Hong Kong Theatrical Trailer & US Promotional Trailer
Last Hurrah for Chivary specs:
  • Audio: English 5.1 (dubbed), Cantonese 5.1 and Catonese Mono (original)
  • English and Spanish subtitles
  • Audio Commentary by Hong Kong Cinema Expert Bey Logan
  • Pray For Death: An Interview With Fung Hak-On
  • Deliver Us From Evil: An Interview With Lee Hoi-San
  • Legendary Weapons Of China Featurette
  • Original Theatrical Trailer & US Promotional Trailer

Bug - September 25

Though he's made some sub par stuff lately, William Friedkin still rocks. One of my favorite movies he did was the classic TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA with William Petersen and Willem Dafoe. Definitely a must see. BUG is about a spooky motel room and Ashley Judd is in it. Sold. The DVD consists of a Feature Commentary with William Friedkin, the featurette BUG: An Introduction, and A Discussion with William Friedkin .

Misery (SE) - October 2

Everyone knows the infamous ankle smashing scene in MISERY. The only thing I can think that would be good for is to switch Kim Kardashian with James Caan, that way she can't run away. Or do the two-step. See the can her? Yowza.


  • Feature Commentary by Director Rob Reiner
  • Feature Commentary by screenwriter William Goldman
  • Featurettes:
      Misery Loves Company
    • Marc Shaiman's Musical Misery Tour
    • Diagnosing Annie Wilkes
    • Advice for the Stalked
    • Profile of a Stalker
    • Celebrity Stalkers
    • Anti Stalking Laws
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Original Theatrical Teaser

Lost (S3) - December 11

Finally, here's the LOST Season 3 cover art and the specs reprinted because JoBlo.com loves you and wants to take advantage of you while you're sleeping. In other words, because we care.


  • “The World of the Others” - The secrets and mysteries of the Others revealed by the cast and producers
  • “Lost Flashbacks” - Never-before-seen glimpses into the past lives of the castaways
  • “Lost in One Day” - An exclusive behind-the scene look at 24 hours in the life of this series
  • “Lost on Location” - A behind-the-scenes look at 10 episodes
  • “The Lost Book Club” - Get hints to the significance of the show’s literary references
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Bloopers
  • Audio Commentaries

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