Elisha affects hockey

Ever since I found out that the very hot Elisha Cuthbert grew up a hop, skip and step away from my house (in Montreal, Canada), I've always wondered if I can work her into a story on the site connected to my favorite sport (hockey) as well. Well, today is that day, as Dallas Star forward -- and Cuthbert ex-boyfriend -- Sean Avery decided to make an ass out of himself by calling a mini-showdown with the media in the locker room yesterday, whilst announcing to the world that a player from the opposing team of the Calgary Flames, Dion Phaneuf, was apparently bunking up with his "sloppy seconds" (referring to the very hot Elisha Cuthert, apparently). Here are his comments:

So all together now: what an ass!!

That's right, Sean Avery, not only do you look like the world's biggest douchebag because you refer to the very hot Elisha Cuthbert as "sloppy seconds" (I'd love to see your tidy firsts!), but you also just got suspended by the NHL for being "detrimental to the League or game of hockey...". Not to mention that your very own team said that if the NHL hadn't suspended you, they'd have suspended you themselves for being an all-around prick, I believe (bus meet Sean Avery and run over him, please).

But enough about that jerk-off!! It's to note that this article had zero to do with "movies" really, but since it's the slower season in movie news, I figured why not? Also, it's always nice to insert some Elisha Cuthbert into your mornings, doncha think? Clickthrough below for more slick clips of Elisha Cuthbert...my personal fave is HERE. PS: Elisha, drop Dion and email me already!

Extra Tidbit: Sorry man, I can't seem to find a better way to describe her than "very hot".
Source: TSN



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