Enchanted 2? Oh please no...

This might be a tad strange to admit coming from a semi-grown man (albeit one that routinely acts like a child), but I loved ENCHANTED. Such a good movie and Amy Adams was robbed of an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Gisele. Yeah I said it. So I'm a little dismayed that Disney is trying to move forward with a pointless sequel to the movie. What's left to say? The original was a fish out of water story and how can you revisit that when she's now a sophisticated NYC woman?

Regardless, Disney is looking to try and has hired Anne Fletcher (THE PROPOSAL) to direct. Now let's get one thing straight. Anne Fletcher may very well be a nice woman but a good director she is not, regardless of how much money THE PROPOSAL made (which was all on the back of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds). Lately in interviews, Adams has been asked about her interest in doing an ENCHANTED 2 and she has hemmed and hawed saying stuff like "we'll see" and that the script would have to be just right. And with Disney pushing to get the film into production for a 2011 release, you can expect that they won't exactly take their time working to make the script perfect.

If they want to go make an ENCHANTED 2 sequel that goes direct-to-DVD or the Disney Channel or something, that's fine with me. Just focus on new characters or something like that. But I'm really hoping and praying that the original cast stays far away from this. The first movie was great and let's just leave it at that.

Extra Tidbit: I had always thought that Disney was disappointed that ENCHANTED didn't make more money...
Source: Variety



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