Eva goes to Cleaner

Eva Mendes, whose beauty will soon be seen lighting up the screen in GHOST RIDER, has signed on to co-star with Samuel L. Jackson in the upcoming crime thriller CLEANER. The film will follow Jackson as a professional crime scene cleaner who one day realizes he scrubbed a scene that hadn't been reported to the cops yet. Upon realizing he just covered up a crime, he joins forces with the widow (Mendes) to track down the killers. Ed Harris also stars in the film and if history is any guide, he'll probably be one of the bad guys. All this sounds remarkably good so far until I hear the name of the director - Renny Harlin. Harlin had a string of decent flicks in the early 90s but lately has been responsible for such travesties as THE COVENANT, MINDHUNTERS and EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING. Here's hoping this is Harlin's big bid for respectibility and we make something worthwhile out of this. In addition to GHOST RIDER, Mendes can also be seen alongside Mark Wahlberg and Joaquin Phoenix in WE OWN THE NIGHT and, of course, in our Movie Hotties archive right here.

Extra Tidbit: Amy Adams and Emily Blunt are set to star in another movie about crime scene clean-up, SUNSHINE CLEANING, that will be more on the comedic side.



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