Every animal wants to be a star in first trailer for Sing

When money is on the line and there's a chance at fame, those in the animal kingdom will quickly line up to show off their singing talents in an attempt to claim it. That appears to be the premise for SING, the latest animated film from Illumination Entertainment - the production company for all things DESPICABLE ME.

A singing competition with $100,000 is happening (not sure what sort of value all those dollars have within the world being created here), and animals come out of the woodwork in order to sing whatever pop songs they could get the rights to. This early on, there's not much else to the story, at least that's not being made public. All the focus is on animals singing Nicki Minaj and Seal and Lady Gaga. That seems to be the draw.

If that does it for you, then you might have something to take your family to see over the holidays later this year. If it doesn't, there's plenty else to check out around that time.

SING takes the stage in theaters on December 21, 2016.



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