Eye In The Sky trailer asks moral questions about modern warfare

There are about to be plenty of shades of grey you're going to need to explore as you watch the first trailer for EYE IN THE SKY, which revolves around a potential drone strike as part of the War on Terror. There are no easy answers, and things are hardly as black and white as one would hope when dealing with the cost of human lives.

And that makes for a gripping thriller (check out Chris Bumbray's review of the film at this year's TIFF), which is what EYE IN THE SKY appears to be... at least that's how it's being effectively sold. At a time when we're debating how to handle terrorist groups across the world and best protect ourselves from future attacks, EYE IN THE SKY lays out a complex and thought-provoking case that should have your mind working overtime. I look forward to checking this one out.

EYE IN THE SKY hits theaters on March 11, 2016.

Source: Bleecker Street



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