Frank Darabont's Walking Dead show gets a pilot

Last summer, we heard that filmmaker Frank Darabont (THE MIST, THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION) was developing the fan-fave ongoing Image comic THE WALKING DEAD as a potential series for cable channel AMC, current home of gutsy acclaimed shows "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad".

Horror and comic fans will be thrilled to hear that rotting roamers could very well be gnawing on your eyeballs now that the project is taking one shambling step further toward the small screen. The show is officially rolling forward with a pilot episode, with Darabont writing and directing.

Robert Kirkman's bleak comic follows a revolving group of survivors trying to find food, shelter and some small indication of hope in a post-apocalyptic world mostly populated by flesh-craving zombies. The cinematic and shocking series is perhaps best known for how these remaining humans interact, and for a cheerful willingness to gruesomely maim or kill regular characters without warning.

The show will likely focus more on the drama of the horrific situation, although there will undoubtedly be plenty of dessicated flesh and zombie headshots. Gale Anne Hurd (ALIENS, TERMINATOR 2) is also producing the project.
Extra Tidbit: The comic series is currently up to issue # 69. Dude.
Source: Variety



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