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MTV got the chance to sit down with Brian Goldner, executive producer on the GI JOE movie, and also a bigwig at Hasbro. They managed to squeeze some details out of him regarding it and I think it's all good. First up, the movie will officially be 'sidestepping' the TV show and instead be more about the comic books. Now, I'm not the most knowledgeable on GI Joe lore, but I'm pretty sure all the outlandish bullshit like Nemesis Enforcer and the Lalalala dudes took place on TV and not in the comic. I could very easily be wrong, but I think this is a good move. He also spoke about the crux of the story arc: "We all know of the Arashikage [ninja clan], and we all know of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, but we need to build that story... We all know the story of Duke, and the story of the Baroness. ... We know the story of Destro, but do we really? We need to go back and tell the origin story of how you get a Scottish arms dealer, who comes forward in history — how does that happen? And then, "In effect, this is all about the rise of Cobra Commander. ... For fans, they're really going to love this, because we take them on a journey. ... We have to go through the first chapter and then build from there." So what, we're having a triple pronged origin story? I don't know, but he said Snake Eyes, so I'm excited.
Extra Tidbit: And nothing against Nemesis Enforcer - he's a cool character. But maybe go with something a little easier for the neutrals to stomach in the first flick? I mean one minute he's stopping a giant tank with his bare hands, the next he's getting his ass kicked by Sgt. Slaughter.
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