GoodBadWeird coming

I'm not sure exactly how many of you got excited when I brought your attention to the trailer for THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE WEIRD a little while back, but if you were one of them you'll be happy to know that the film will be coming to the States next year courtesy of IFC Entertainment. Says Twitch:

The release is slated for first half 2009, and will start off with the five biggest markets for a total in between fifty and a hundred screens nationwide. The release scope might eventually improve if the film is successful. This adds another export to the list, which already included the UK, France, China, Singapore and more. CJ Ent. is currently negotiating with Japanese, Italian, Spanish and Scandinavian buyers for what look like pretty decent International prospects.

Make sure you do hit up the trailer because it looks dynamite. And I don't want to say my predictions always come up trumps, but before I saw THE DARK KNIGHT last night, let's just say I had an inkling it was gonna be good.
Extra Tidbit: The Korean name for this movie is JOHEUNNOM NABBEUNNOM ISANGHANNOM. Try saying that five times fast.
Source: Twitch



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