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Around August is when it hits. I’m that guy who feels the need to start Halloween as early as possible. This year, I have a few gravestones in my windows and some creepy orange lights casting shadows on the walls. My evil plans are not finished yet, and thanks to Universal Studios Hollywood, I got a little added inspiration. JoBlo.com had the pleasure of seeing the final casting call backs for the “Freddy Krueger Fly Girls” and some “Zombie Dancers”. And after witnessing some of the hottest hotties in Hollywood, I have to say that the dead won’t be the only thing rising this Halloween.

Freddy's Fly Girls Auditions!

When I arrived at the event, I found a row of beauties all ready to do their thing. It was of course, a wonderful sight. But I had no idea as to the sheer magic that would appear before me in a matter of moments. The auditions were about to take place at the Globe Theatre just inside the park. Once inside, I was treated to a few glimpses of what is to come, including the layout for 1428 Elm Street Drive. If you don’t know that address you may want to return to A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and the house where Nancy lived. The “Nightmare on Elm Street: Home Sweet Hell” maze is a dark and surreal recreation of the place where it all began. It is the newest addition to some loving recreations of Camp Crystal Lake and of course, Leatherface’s place of carnage. But we weren’t there for a look at some crummy map, we were there for something far more awe-inspiring.

Just beyond where I was standing, three lovely ladies emerged from the shadows. They wore a dirty red and green sweater (ripped and barely there), a brown fedora, and they each had knives for fingers. It was three of Freddy’s Fly Girls as they came out wearing little more than the barely there sweater, they did some bumping and grinding to Disturbed’s “Down With The Sickness”. And guess what? I was definitely down with their sickness. It was a rehearsal only (don‘t worry, they gave another show later), but I was able to capture it on film along with the previously mentioned pretty girls all in a row… and just in case, there were a few guys on hand auditioning as well, if that is your thing. There was something for everybody here. Hell, I thought the Chainsaw Academy from last year was pretty kick arse, but I have to say that this was just a tad more fun. Okay, more than just a tad!

Now I can honestly say, this more adult version of Halloween Horror Nights looks to be better than ever. The Terror Tram has been expanded and it even leads to a spooky part of the Studio Backlot which will provide a extra visit to Camp Crystal Lake (aside from the maze). And once again, you’ll be able to walk through the PSYCHO and WAR OF THE WORLDS sets with a ton more beasties. There is even a “scare zone” that will put you face to face with the murderous doll faced maniacs from Rogue Pictures summer hit, THE STRANGERS. There is a ton of fun to be had this year, and we’ll bring it all to you once again when this years theme of “Live Your Worst Nightmare” comes to wreak havoc on the living. The Nightmare will run through October 3-4, 10-11, 17-19, 24-26, 30-31 and November 1st. And now, watch these gorgeous girls in action.

Just for kicks, who would you pick as the hottest horror babe? And for all the ladies… horror studs? Send questions and/or comments to [email protected]

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