Hoffman and Thompson

Even though I'd vote Will Ferrell for funniest man alive any day of the week, I just didn't like STRANGER THAN FICTION all that much (it was the ending). At the very least though, Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson must have enjoyed working together and are set to join forces once again in a new movie called LAST CHANCE HARVEY. The movie will look at a guy (Hoffman) who is down on his luck, but finds an unlikely companion (Thompson) while in London attending his daughter's wedding.

I love Hoffman, but I'm really getting tired of these types of movies. You know what I mean? Some guy who is down on their luck/alienated/lonely who goes for a family event such as a wedding/funeral and meets some unlikely companion like Emma Thompson/Natalie Portman (GARDEN STATE)/Kirsten Dunst (ELIZABETHTOWN). It's just too easy a concept, isn't it?

Still, I hope this something different (and something good). Brit Joel Hopkins (JUMP TOMORROW) directs from his own script.
Extra Tidbit: Hoffman has frequently said that one of the best reasons for going to acting class was the ladies.
Source: Dark Horizons



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