Hot Oscar pics!!!

I wasn't able to put together my annual red carpet caption fun pics this year (honestly, I won't bore you with the details of the hell of my life this weekend), but the dudes running MovieHotties.com did a tremendous job of updating that site with pictures galore from the Oscars, including all the red carpet shite, photos from the ceremony itself (and yes, even the clip of Jessica Biel strutting her shtuff!) as well as the after-party coke binges...uuuhm, I mean...photographs. Anyway, click on any of the hot hunnies below and decide who was the hottest babe there -- and no, George Clooney doesn't count!!!

I personally thought that Cameron Diaz looked as awful as usual, while my personal faves were Sasha Baron Cohen's fiance (I realize she has a name, but I like saying that better), as well as the gothed-up Eva Green and Natalie Portman (whom I don't normally drool over, but wow...check out the pic below). As for Clooney, well, I'm not gay or anything, but honestly, I wouldn't mind if that dude gave me head. Not sure if that makes me gay or not, but that's how I'm rolling today. Enjoy the pics, kids.



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