Hulk trailer when?!

UPDATE - About five minutes after I posted this I got an e-mail from Universal with more details: The trailer will debut next Wednesday at 9:56 p.m. EST/6:56 p.m. PST on MTV, MTVU, MTV2, VH1, Spike TV, Nick at Nite and CMT. Following the on-air premiere, the trailer will be immediately posted on MTV.com for an exclusive period.

So things have been pretty quiet on the INCREDIBLE HULK front. While IRON MAN and DARK KNIGHT have been soaking up all the buzz, the big green dude has been laying in the cut just waiting for his time to Hulk out. Well that time is now. Or I should say that time is next week. We at JoBlo.com have learned that the first trailer for THE INCREDIBLE HULK will be attached to prints of DOOMSDAY next weekend. The 2:10 trailer will run before all prints along with a new trailer for the thriller THE STRANGERS (a Liv Tyler double trailer feature!). We've heard rumors about a trailer floating around for a while but what will we see? Will we get a definitive look at The Hulk or will they try to keep his look a secret? I'm guessing they'll just go for broke on this one instead of trying to play coy as they did with Ang Lee's failed version. You can expect the trailer to pop up online before next Friday but exact details on when and where you can see it have yet to be revealed. We'll be following the trailer release closely so make sure you keep your peepers peeled to JoBlo.com!

Source: JoBlo.com



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