I, Robot 2?

It's gotten to the point where I'll pay to watch Will Smith take a dump, so long as he's kicking someone's ass and spouting one-liners while he's doing it. That said though, I know a lot of people not only didn't like I, ROBOT, but flat out hated the thing. And I can kinda see your point. Thing is though, a sequel is planned.

I'm no huge fan of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (or sci-fi television in general), but I get the impression that Ronald Moore is a pretty big deal. With that in mind, maybe the fact that he's already begun working on the sequel to I, ROBOT is huge news. You can check out the interview where he drops this bombshell HERE, over at Collider. Good idea? Yeah, I can get on board with it. The first movie was certainly nothing spectacular, but robots and artificial intelligence can always be pretty cool with the right storyline. I would imagine that Smith is out, which is a blow, but I guess we'll just have to keep abreast of developments and hope they play out the way we'd like them to (getting Monaghan back would be a start, she's crazy hot).

If you're a fan of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA or Ronald Moore, make sure you check out both parts of the interview HERE.
Extra Tidbit: Moore quit STAR TREK, after he got frustrated with the way that STAR TREK: VOYAGER was being handled.
Source: Collider



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