Inglourious trailer?

Could there be an INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS trailer set for release this week? There were rumors last week that this was the case and now this week those rumors are heating up with word that Entertainment Tonight will premiere the footage on Thursday's show. Now why a precise and deliberate filmmaker like Quentin Tarantino would agree to have his trailer debuted on a show where they chop the trailer up and talk over it with a Mary Hart voiceover is beyond me. But remember, this is The Weinstein Co. we're talking about here. The only releases that would make sense this weekend for a theatrical release of BASTERDS would be FRIDAY THE 13TH and THE INTERNATIONAL (though if they just wait one week they can premiere before JONAS BROTHERS 3-D). The news has yet to be confirmed so treat this as a rumor for now but considering that Tarantino is speeding through post-production to make a Cannes Film Festival premiere, it's not that bizarre a notion to expect a teaser trailer this soon. I guess the question is how much footage will we see? Stay tuned this week as we learn more...

Extra Tidbit: Quentin's last teaser trailer looked like this.
Source: JoBlo.com



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