Invisible or Clover 2?

This won't come as a surprise: despite the second-week sinker that most horror/genre movies take, CLOVERFIELD was a stomping success when compared to its relatively meager budget. And thus, a sequel is already officially being discussed.

Director Matt Reeves, who is not JJ Abrams, is in talks with Paramount to deliver another (or the same one again?) massive metropolis-demolishing beast, probably complete with similar ground-level queasy-cam and endless declarations of "Ohmygod!", but with even more utterly useless and nonsensical viral marketing.

While those specifics are being hammered out, Reeves already has a deal to shoot his own script for THE INVISIBLE WOMAN, described as a Hitchcockian thriller about an ex-beauty queen who becomes a criminal to protect her loved ones. It's safe to assume that transparency factors in somehow [Ed. note: the title is just a metaphor, no one is actually invisible in the film.], though the movie isn't mentioned as a remake of the 1940 version, nor will it apparently involve Jessica Alba in really tight costumes. Sad face.

If the creature feature follow-up falls together quickly, Reeves will tackle that monster before the see-through babe.
Extra Tidbit: Abrams and company are likely already working on the viral campaign for CLOVERFIELD 2. In fact, you could be watching, reading, breathing or eating it right now. Beware.
Source: Variety



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