Jay and Seth versus their own schedules

Back in 2007, Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel, along with Jason Stone, their friend from film school decided to make a short film.

It was a horror comedy titled, JAY AND SETH VERSUS THE APOCALYPSE. What's it about? Baruchel sums it up best, "Two sarcastic Canadians talking shit to each other during the apocalypse."

After the video got a huge response and a ton of hits, several different studios wanted the guys to make it into a full length feature. Unfortunately the thing hasn't really ever gotten off the ground. During an interview for his latest, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, Baruchel talks about how busy both actors are, and how they really want the film to get made. Maybe even in 3D (not really).

Check out the interview below, as well as the trailer for JAY AND SETH VERSUS THE APOCALYPSE if you haven't already seen it.

Extra Tidbit: In case you hadn't read it yet, here's Jimmy-O's review of HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON. He says it's a, "flaming good time".
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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