Jeremy Renner might put on the patch as the new Snake Plissken?

UPDATE: The Wrap claims "with 100 percent confidence that no such offer has been extended" for Renner on the remake (although for the record, the original report didn't mention an actual offer, just very early talks). The fact remains, however, that they're still planning to remake ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK...


November 6, 2010: Much like Cabbie, Brain and his squeeze, we can't escape NY either. Only this time it's the remake of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK.

An update of John Carpenter's sci-fi classic, which gave us one of the genre's most memorable anti-heroes in monocular criminal Snake Plissken, has been in the works for a while.

The latest person to hypothetically wear the eyepatch and go on a President quest in the futuristic prison-city of Manhattan? THE HURT LOCKER star Jeremy Renner. B-D claims that Renner is in "very early" talks to take over the surly merc made famous by Kurt Russell.

The New Line remake is being directed by Breck Eisner (THE CRAZIES, SAHARA), after Brett Ratner and Len Wisemen previously considered sitting in the chair.

The most recent script comes from Allen Loeb (WALL STREET 2: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS) and has been described as a Plissken origin story merged with the events of Carpenter's 1981 original.

Extra Tidbit: Other actors once connected to or rumored for the role include Gerard Butler, Timothy Olyphant and Josh Brolin. All serviceable alternatives... but there's only one Snake.



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