Jesse Ventura talks about the Wachowskis' secret movie

Jesse Ventura is a former Navy demolitionist, a retired professional wrestler, a politician and conspiracy theorist, but you probably know him best as Captain Freedom and the tobacco-chomping Minigun-shooting special forces soldier from PREDATOR.

He apparently hasn't completely given up acting, as Slashfilm heard him reveal to Howard Stern on Sirius radio: "I just did one with the Wachowski brothers."

You might remember a few months ago when liberal columnist Arianna Huffington tweeted pics of herself "from the set of the Wachowskis' futuristic movie", noting it involved Iraq from the perspective of 90 years in the future. This prompted online theories that the MATRIX-makers were already underway on some kind of secret sci-fi war movie, while others refuted it as merely green-screen digital test footage.

But Ventura has unveiled a few more details, at least from his own limited involvement. He claims that during his time on the set, he was outfitted with colored dreds and a third eye and was asked off-camera questions about the Iraq War, with the entire process improvised.

So Andy and Lana (formerly Larry) Wachowski are making a clandestine unscripted futuristic political war movie and nobody (including the actors) seems to know much about it... which is why it's still a secret. But certainly intriguing.

Extra Tidbit: I'd want to know more about what this is, but I'm afraid Laurence Fishburne will show up to tell me.
Source: slashfilm



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