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Every now and again, I guess our site's readers also need to be reminded about our site's STRIKE BACK RULES/GUIDELINES. Unlike some other movie sites out there, we DO NOT allow you to insult our writers. It's about RESPECT here. Everyone has a right to their opinion and yes, believe it or not, out of the 20-25 people working across JoBlo.com, we don't all agree on the best movies, etc... Pretty crazy, right? That doesn't mean that gives you the right to tear them a new asshole. You can certainly DISAGREE with their opinion, share your own via our STRIKE BACK or DEBATE them on it, but taking potshots at our writers because you don't share their opinion on someone or some film, is immature and against our rules.

All such posts have been deleted in the past and members BANNED for life. This is just a REMINDER because some members seem to be forgetting the purpose of the STRIKE BACK and that is to offer your opinion on the ARTICLE itself, not the person's writing style or your insults toward them. Furthermore, for anyone who actually doesn't think we should offer our opinions, I guess you're on the wrong site, because that's EXACTLY what JoBlo.com is all about. We offer our opinions and allow YOU to offer yours in return, but it should all be RESPECTFUL. That should be pretty easy to handle, right? Otherwise, there are TONS of other vanilla movie sites out there who simply post press release style news stories, if you'd rather just have your news, sans opinion. Thanks for understanding, folks. And now back to your regularly scheduled movie news stories.

Extra Tidbit: Only 70% of people registering to our site are "accepted" to join as full-fledged members. We filter out all spammers, sales peeps, children under 15, morons, disrespectful punks and ex-girlfriends.
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