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John Woo wants Liam Neeson to fly unfriendly skies in his WWII IMAX epic Flying Tigers


After a couple of expensive misses, mayhem maestro John Woo ditched America and headed back to China, where his RED CLIFF movies were greeted with success.

Now Woo wants to blend his Hong Kong and Hollywood sensibilities with the WWII "bilingual aerial battle epic" FLYING TIGERS, an oversized $90 million IMAX project.

Woo is hoping that his international production can get Liam Neeson gripping the flight yoke as U.S. Army Air Corp Lt. Gen. Claire Lee Chennault, "the contentious American officer whose volunteer Flying Tigers squadron trained the first generation of Chinese fighter pilots taking on Japan in WWII."

The project, which starts down the runway in the next few months, is also seeking a young Chinese actor to play a pilot in training.

Extra Tidbit: Despite its bloat, WINDTALKERS is a guilty pleasure of mine -- all the melodrama and ludicrous action Woo is known for, plus more kooky Nic Cage.
Source: THR



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