Jose Padilha in talks with MGM to direct the Robocop reboot

All the ROBOCOP statue updates aside, here's some reboot news.

According to Deadline, Brazilian director Jose Padilha is in negotiations with MGM to helm the ROBOCOP reboot. Padilha impressed the suits with his crime drama ELITE SQUAD and its sequel that came out in 2010. Both films were in Portuguese and weren't really big here in the states. But ELITE SQUAD 2: THE ENEMY within grossed $60 million in Brazil last year, surpassing films like AVATAR and ALICE IN WONDERLAND in Padilha's home country.

Darren Aronofsky has been off and on with this project for awhile now. Everyone seemed excited that he might have the chance to direct, but as soon as he took the next WOLVERINE film that tiny glimmer of hope was erased. Now with this news that hope is officially re-run over roadkill.

Trailers for ELITE SQUAD 1 & 2 below. After seeing those, I kind of want to watch them now.

Extra Tidbit: Has anyone here seen any of Padilha's films? You think this is a good fit?
Source: Deadline



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