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Kat Dennings is hot for teacher in Daydream Nation trailer


Kat Dennings may be playing second fiddle to Natalie Portman in THOR, but in DAYDREAM NATION, she's got her own lead role to play with.

And what's she up to? She's a girl who moves from the city to a "hick town" and starts causing all sorts of trouble with her bad (but exaggerated) reputation. She seduces her teacher (Josh Lucas) and draws him into a love triangle with another student. This has Dateline written all over it. 

I suppose it has touches of EASY A like some are suggesting, but it does look to be kind of its own thing, as it takes itself a lot more seriously, and events appear to escalate quickly.

Check it out below, and know that no, there aren't any moments where Kat Dennings shows off her hidden-far-too-often curves. Tragic, I know.

Extra Tidbit: Oh right I forgot about that whole leaked naked picture debacle. Google that.
Source: JoBlo.com



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