Kellan Lutz has been invited to join the cast of Expendables 3

Are you wondering who Kellan Lutz is? Does TWILIGHT right any bells? IMMORTALS? A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake? I will tell you I had a hard time finding pics of him with his shirt on.

Does that qualify him to be in THE EXPENDABLES 3? I guess so since he has boarded the cast. Word has it that he is meant to fill the "Liam Hemsworth" role in terms of being the younger guy. Also it seems that the latest plot rumors involve the old vs. the new. According to insiders the flick will be about, "introduce a younger group of tech-savvy action heroes who initially clash with the older crew, though they eventually team up to save the day." This conflicts with the plot I brought you a couple of weeks ago. But maybe the two somehow interweave?

Lutz could be an action star within the next 10 or so years. He's got HERCULES and TARZAN up next. Who knows what the future holds. I know I'm a little sad that Nic Cage may not participate, and Mel Gibson isn't confirmed. But it will still be cool, right?

Source: The Wrap



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