Kevin Feige says Captain Marvel is certainly an origin story

The folks at Marvel seem to really have their heads firmly fixed on their shoulders. They understand there’s no point in retelling the origin story of their heroes over and over again. With CIVIL WAR we saw they’re willing to nix the origin tale and get the characters (Spider-Man and Black Panther) right into the mix, but they also know when to start from the beginning. We're seeing that with DOCTOR STRANGE in a few weeks (!), and that’s just what they’re gonna do with another beloved hero.

Getting a chance to speak with Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige, Cinema Blend asked him about the upcoming CAPTAIN MARVEL movie and how they’re going to be handling origin stories as we progress through Phase Three:

“[Black] Panther is not really an origin story, since we saw him already in Civil War. But his standalone certainly introduces you to 99% of his world that you never saw. And Captain Marvel is certainly an origin. It's an origin story from the start.”

There’s a lot to be taken from this as the hero Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) won’t get her own movie until 2019, only a few months before the fourth AVENGERS movie. How she gets her powers may be be related to the events that surround Thanos and other impending extraterrestrial business, seeing how in the comics Danvers got her powers from alien...stuff.

We reported two months ago exactly that the origin story would differ from the comics a bit, but how much is still a big question. Like I said, given how close her movie will come out in relation to the fourth AVENGERS movie. This could mean her character will have a much bigger part to play in the flick as compared to other heroes. Of course this is all speculation, as we are at the mercy of Marvel who trickles out less information than the Kremlin. But I think it's safe to say Danvers' origin will have a big role to play in the scheme of the fourth AVENGERS movie. At the very least we know it will be a story we've never seen on-screen before, which is a better than having to see Uncle Ben die again. I don't think Peter Parker would even care at this point.

CAPTAIN MARVEL hits March 8, 2019 with Brie Larson.

Source: Cinema Blend



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