Kick-Ass Comic Con

Aside from a few snapshots (including that new one of Hit Girl above), we haven't seen much on the "realistic" superhero movie KICK-ASS.

Later this month at Comic Con, we should have a better idea of how it's shaping up -- director Matthew Vaughn (STARDUST, LAYER CAKE), along with undisclosed cast members, will be present on Thursday, July 23 to premiere some footage from the flick. If you can't make it to San Diego, fear not -- JoBlo's crack reporting team will be on hand to give you impressions.

The ultraviolent movie, based on the high-concept shock book by WANTED comic writer Mark Millar, was independently financed and has not yet announced studio ties, distribution plans or release dates.

The story revolves around a geeky teen who randomly decides to become a costumed hero (cleverly named, um, Kick-Ass), and mostly fails at it quite painfully. Nic Cage and Chloe Moretz play a violent father-daughter crimefighter team, Mark Strong is the gangster in their sights, and SUPERBAD's Christopher Mintz-Plasse is a costumed competitor named Red Mist.

Extra Tidbit: Only the first issue of the KICK-ASS comic had been published when the movie project was announced.
Source: JoBlo



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