Ledger Talks Joker

The April 9th issue of Newsweek has a Q & A with Heath Ledger and you can bet that the interviewer asked the interviewee about a certain upcoming role in a certain upcoming film. Let’s get to it. Here are the two questions and their two answers that you all want:

As the Joker in the new "Batman" movie, have you tried on the mask yet?
Metaphorically, yes. I've been bouncing around like a lunatic for four months. I definitely have a different take on him, but I've yet to do a proper makeup run. It's on the agenda.

Do you walk around the house all day practicing your laugh?
I'd be lying if I said I haven't been.

I can’t imagine ‘walking around the house’ knowing that I’m about to play the Joker in the next Batman film. I’d probably make love to myself all day and all night long. Check out the rest of the interview HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Heath Ledger and Christian Bale will also star together as versions of Bob Dylan at various stages in his life, in Todd Hayne's I'M NOT THERE.
Source: MSNBC



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