Liam Neeson no longer Spielberg's Lincoln

Steven Spielberg’s rumored Abraham Lincoln biopic has cried wolf one too many times, and has now lost its star, Liam Neeson. Spielberg is about to start filming WAR HORSE, pushing Lincoln back even further, and now Neeson has dropped out of the starring role.

Speaking to GMTV, Neeson had this to say:

"I'm not actually playing Lincoln now. I was attached to it for a while, but it's now I'm past my sell-by date."

In other words, Neeson thinks he’s too old for the part. But Presidential historians take heart, Neeson is set to play another president, Lyndon B. Johnson in Lee Daniel’s (PRECIOUS) Civil Rights drama, SELMA. Have we run out of gods for the man to play?

Neeson wouldn’t seem too old to be Lincoln to me (he’s only two years older than the actual Lincoln when he was shot) and I would hope if this film ever DOES get it’s shit together, that he’d be back in the titular role.

Extra Tidbit: In similar news, Timur Bekmambetov might be directing ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER. Could we get Neeson in that please?
Source: Digital Spy



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