Liu sucks...blood

Is it just me, or does the title RISE: BLOOD HUNTER scream 'direct-to-dvd'? I liked Lucy Liu in KILL BILL, but for some reason she doesn't seem capable of headlining a theatrical action-horror release like this one. Much was made over her lesbian vampire scenes in the flick, but that's publicity for all the wrong reasons, which is probably why this movie languished on the shelf for so long. It doesn't help that on the poster, which we have for you BELOW, advertises the film as being from "the producer of the GRUDGE franchise and the writer of GOTHIKA." Gothika? Aaaalright, then.

The movie is about a reporter (Liu) who wakes up in the morgue as a member of the undead, and then heads out to wreak havoc on the sect that put her there. I can see the pitch meeting now: The writer of Gothika walks into the office and says..."THE CROW meets UNDERWORLD." Sure, that sounded like a good idea, but I guess it didn't work out the way they'd hoped. Anyway, I'll tell you one thing this movie has going for it, and her name is Carla Gugino. If any of you have been watching the new ENTOURAGE episodes, you'll know that Gugino has been scorching the screen with her hotness. Check out the poster BELOW which you can click to ENLARGE and the trailer over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Lucy Lui was once engaged to STRANGER THAN FICTION screenwriter Zach Helm.



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