Live action Family Guy?

Seth McFarlane was on The Adam Corolla Podcast the other day, and the conversation moved quickly to the idea of a FAMILY GUY movie. And it might just have a live-action element to it:

MCFARLANE: I can say with definitive assuredness that it will be out. Within the next few years. We already know what it’s gonna be. We’ve been trying to lock into something that makes it so that it has to be a movie, as opposed to an extended Family Guy episode. And I like the Simpson’s Movie , but that’s something they could do with animation on TV because they’re not constrained by sets. [...] You have to find some way to make it so that it has to be a movie.

CAROLLA: Are you hinting at some live action?

MCFARLANE: Possibly, possibly. Here and there. It will not be a 90-minute Family Guy episode.

Obviously, Family Guy is one of the best shows around right now, so this is a great thing. Live action, though? That sounds pretty wild. Who could possibly play a character on the show? Will Brian ever get Lois? Will Nick George bring his family back together? Will I ever find true love? Find out next week!
Extra Tidbit: Chris Griffin's middle name is "Cross".
Source: Filmdrunk



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