Lohman is Dragged

Well after Ellen Page departed Sam Raimi's DRAG ME TO HELL, it appears now that Alison Lohman has taken the role, and today is officially cute girl Tuesday. And now that I've mentioned and probably jinxed that - look for my next story to be about Gary Busey nunchucking a marmot or something. You might remember Lohman from MATCHSTICK MEN or BEOWULF, but I prefer to remember her when she wasn't playing jail-bait or a creepy mo-cap chick, in BIG FISH. As we 'know', Page dropped out because of 'scheduling conflicts', but really I think our MovieHotties.com editor might have kidnapped her. He's pretty obsessed and we're all kind of worried. Whenever he sees a picture of her his eyes glaze over like she's the god damn One Ring. Anyway, the movie: Sam Raimi's triumphant genre return, right? The film is written by Raimi and his brother Ivan and is scheduled to begin shooting at the end of March. Something about a morality tale and the unwitting recipient of a supernatural curse. So long as there's gonna be a Bruce Campbell cameo I'm there.
Extra Tidbit: I find it difficult to believe Lohman is like ___ years older than me. That's right, it's a mystery!
Source: Variety



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