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Lots of new photos from The Walking Dead season 4!


The Walking Dead

If you're a huge fan of THE WALKING DEAD, you probably can't wait until the new season starts in October. Although the final episode of last season was a bit underwhelming, season four should be an intense ride that ends in a big, bloody bang. We showed you THE WALKING DEAD covers for Entertainment Weekly, and now many of the pictures inside the magazine have surfaced online. Most of them look like their from EW but I'm not positive about a few. The scans and pictures are from Spoiler TV, The Walking Dead Wiki and The Walking Dead Forum, and you can see more by checking out their links.

The Walking Dead 1

The Walking Dead 2

The Walking Dead 3

The Walking Dead 4

The Walking Dead 5

The Walking Dead 6

The Walking Dead 7

The Walking Dead 8

Extra Tidbit: How do you think season four will end? If you've read the comics you know how things end in the prison, but obviously it's going to be a little different for the show...
Source: EW (via CBM)



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