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Lucasfilm registers multiple domains that may be new Star Wars movies, games, or television shows


Since George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy have claimed the ideas for the next STAR WARS movies was already well developed, it should come as no surprise that the 2015 release date for the first of the movies is in such short order. What has surprised everyone has been the news of LucasArts being closed and Electronic Arts getting the rights to develop all STAR WARS games from now on. But, even though STAR WARS: 1313 and other games have been cancelled, we should see the new round hit stores as early as next year.

So, when I stumbled onto the news that Lucasfilm has registered multiple STAR WARS domain names, my first thought was they have to be video game related. But, since EA didn't register the names, these could potentially be our first clues to upcoming animated series and possibly titled for something post STAR WARS: EPISODE VII.

Here is the list of domains.


My first concern is the inclusion of anything Gungan as that will immediately piss off anyone who hates Jar Jar Binks, which is 99% of STAR WARS fans. After that, we see some interesting names. The Wolfpack refers to a group of clone troopers during the Clone Wars era, which could be a Jedi-less animated series if not a video game.

The other intriguing title is Order 67, which is a reference to the Expanded Universe of STAR WARS. According to Star Wars Fanon, Order 67 was a directive for the Third Jedi Order to enter into diplomatic relations with the New Sith Order. Order 67 could be a very intriguing big screen plot device if it turns out to not be a game. Either way, this news does show that Disney and Lucasfilm are continuing their investment in a wide array of STAR WARS related projects. Hopefully these pan out to more details very soon.

Source: Game Rant



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