Malin Akerman Bangs

We can all agree that Malin Akerman is a babe. But after watching her performance in WATCHMEN, I'm not so sure about her skills as an actress. Her performance was transparent to the point that everytime she spoke, I envisioned her lines as words on a screenplay. So if she couldn't nail her role as Silk Spectre II, I wonder how she'll fare in an indie drama set in apartheid-era South Africa.

Along with Ryan Phillipe, Akerman will star in THE BANG BANG CLUB a film based on a memoir by Greg Marinovich, who was part of the original Bang Bang club--four combat war photographers whose photographs captured the final violent days of white rule in South Africa. Fellow former Bang Bang Club member Joao Silva will direct the film, which has been adapted by South African documentary filmmaker Steven Silver.

Akerman will star as the photo editor of the club, with Phillipe playing Marinovich, and Taylor Kitsch as fellow member Kevin Carter. The roles of the final two members--Ken Oosterbroek and Silva--have yet to be cast. May I suggest Patrick Wilson and Jackie Earle Haley? On second thought, Akerman could probably benefit from the change of scenery.

Extra Tidbit: Akerman can be seen back when she was a struggling actress trying to make it in Hollywood in the wonderful documentary CAMP HOLLYWOOD.
Source: Variety



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