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Marc Webb finally reveals B.J. Novak's role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2


There’s been speculation over B.J. Novak’s role in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2. Well maybe not much since people keep forgetting that he’s even in the movie. Finally, director Marc Webb has given us a character name. He actually sort of just dropped it while promoting Novak’s new book One More Thing:

Who is A. Smythe? None other than Alistair Smythe. Still drawing a blank? I figured you might. I did until I saw a photo. I remember this character best as a gargoyle with a mullet from the 90s animated Spider-Man series (voiced by Maxwell “Sexy Rexy” Caulfield). Alistair’s father Spencer originally created a group of spider slayers to attack the webslinger. The attempt failed and Spencer lost his life. Ready for vengeance, Alistair himself became the ultimate spider slayer and went after our hero.

There’s two costumes for the character. I’m thinking they may not go with the 90s mullet look:

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