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Mark Wahlberg may star in BP Oil disaster film Deepwater Horizon


ALL IS LOST director J.C. Chandor is looking for Mark Wahlberg to tackle one of the worst oil spills in history with DEEPWATER HORIZON. The movie is adapted from The New York Times article “Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hour” and is based on the true story of the men who worked on the rig in the Gulf of Mexico when it exploded in 2010. Wahlberg would play the No. 2 manager on site.

Matthew Michael Carnahan (WORLD WAR Z) adapted the latest draft based on an original version written by Matthew Sand (NINJA ASSASSIN). The film will focus on the rig workers that were on site during the explosion that killed 11 people and injured 16 others. They are looking for a spring or early summer 2015 production start.

After saving the world from giant robots this summer, this seems right up Wahlberg’s alley. Also, consider that he has dealt with some considerable hell on water with A PERFECTSTORM too. I’m not the biggest Wahlberg fan in the world, but I’ll give him credit, he has some diverse roles under his belt. It’s the memorable roles in TED, THE FIGHTER and even the lesser known action movie THE BIG HIT that help me forget THE HAPPENING and PLANET OF THE APES.

What’s your favorite Wahlberg movie?

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