Mirrors nastiness!

What we have for you below is one of the coolest stills I've seen in a long time. And by "coolest," I mean goriest, grossest and bloodiest. But this is the kind of pic I would've seen on the cover of Fangoria when I was a teen trolling the magazine rack at Waldenbooks and snatched up immediately. I've got to hand it to Fox for actually releasing this image from MIRRORS out into the wild given how it would give most kids seriously messed up nightmares. Here to explain himself is MIRRORS director Alex Aja:

With the opening of my film MIRRORS just a few weeks away, I thought I would share a new tasty visual from one of my favorite scenes; a scene that I hope will change anyone's way of watching themselves in a mirror... Vanity can be dangerous sometimes and Mirrors are not just glass and silver! - Ask Amy Smart...

See you Friday July 25th at Comic-Con,

- Alex Aja

Since this is a little too gruesome for the front page of JoBlo.com, I'll give you this little teaser and you'll have to click to see the full magilla. Be warned it's titled "Jaw Rip" (so you know what to expect) and could contain what might be considered spoilers.

Extra Tidbit: Ouch.
Source: Fox



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