More Terminators!

It's the franchise that can't be stopped by even the political career of Arnold Schwarzenegger or the apparent thermonuclear devastation of the planet. This franchise has no pity, or remorse, and it absolutely will not stop... until you are bored. Yes, more TERMINATOR movies are reportedly on the way.

Three new installments have been "fast tracked" on the inexhaustible cyborg production line, courtesy of new rights owners The Halcyon Company, who are currently re-routing subsystems looking for extra voltage. The new film, already being planned for 2009, will "attempt to reinvent the franchise with new cast and plotlines", theoretically in the same way that benefited Batman and Bond.

A script had already been penned by T3 writers John Brancato and Michael Ferris, supposedly following a thirty-something John Connor leading humanity's remainders against the robot bastards. Whether this will get tinkered in the mechanic shop is unknown, or if these new plans will affect the proposed SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES TV show, which apparently is still "awaiting pickup".
Extra Tidbit: The best scene you didn't see in T3 explained why the futuristic killing machine has a thick Austrian accent.
Source: Variety



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