New app allows for script reading on the iPad

Up until now the only way to read a script on your iPad is through a PDF. That's all fine and good for schmucks like me who are just reading scripts for fun, but for actual writers - both professional and aspiring - the PDF format is not ideal. Which is why writer John August (BIG FISH, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY) developed a new app that allows writers to open scripts in their native Final Draft format.

FDX Reader, which was actually programmed by an ex-JoBlo.com programmer named Nima Yousefi who helped turn MyJoBlo.com into MovieFanCentral a couple of years ago, allows writers and collaborators to view Final Draft scripts as they're meant to be read, not just some jumble of brackets and code. It all comes out nicely formatted and ready to read. It also works with Dropbox so you can have access to all your drafts and send scripts without having to convert to PDF. Even JJ Abrams said, "It makes me want to go write something." Like STAR WARS 2 perhaps?

For all of us who have Final Draft and don't use it nearly enough as we should (ahem...), this app will prove a useful tool for working on the go. If you've got an iPad, click here to download and check it out for yourself.

Source: FDX Reader



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