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New clips from Cyrus don't make Jonah Hill less creepy


John C. Reilly may have met his match with Jonah Hill in CYRUS.

Although, I get the sense that the movie is much more than that from Chris Bumbray's review from Sundance.

Both clips are quite entertaining, especially the one where Hill is showing off his synthesizer talents. The other you might remember from the trailer, only this time Marisa Tomei talks bush. The biggest reason I'm wanting to see this film would be because of Reilly. His acting range is excellent going from movies like WHAT'S EATING GILBERT GRAPE to BOOGIE NIGHTS to STEP BROTHERS. Hell, he's even great as Dr. Steve Brule on TIM AND ERIC AWESOME SHOW.

Maybe you should watch this film...for your health!

Extra Tidbit: I also appreciated the team up of Reilly and Seann William Scott in THE PROMOTION, as well as Jenna Fischer's cleavage.
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Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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