New Iron Man clip!!

That's right, two exclamation marks. This time I'm back with not only a new IRON MAN clip, but a side order of enthusiasm too. The latest bunch of tv-spots have been largely old material and thus kind of underwhelming. But the clip BELOW is really, really great. We get a look at what appears to be Tony Stark's first test of his ability to fly, and while it ain't that climactic scene from the trailer where he gives Iron Monger the TROY-punch, it is still sick. Robert Downey Jr. is hilarious, and this film just looks better and better.

I've got IRON MAN at #5 on my picks for the JoBlo.com office Summer Box Office Prediction contest, but just typing that out it sounds ridiculous. In a perfect world, based on the trailer alone, this film would make a bazillion dollars. And Favreau would win an Oscar for Most Awesome Human Being Ever. And he'd throw it in the Academy's face and shout "power to the people". And we wouldn't understand why he did that, but Mary Elizabeth Winstead and I would stop making out and applaud him anyway.
Extra Tidbit: Yeah, I have it behind INDY, TROPIC THUNDER, HANCOCK and THE DARK KNIGHT. I'm terrible at these things. Although in my predictions Downey Jr. is making serious bank this year.
Source: Nickelodeon



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