New shot features Thor in civilian clothes with Mjolnir

We've seen a few photos from THOR over the past week, mainly featuring the high-tech-yet-ancient costumes of the gods. They’ve been the subject of much debate (I’m personally not on board until I see how they look in motion), but today USA Today has debuted a less controversial photo from the film.

It’s Chris Hemsworth in regular clothes, attempting to pull the hammer Mjolnir out of some kind of column of earth. Or maybe he’s smashing a column of earth down? Either way, it’s a rather strange shot. I thought this thing was supposed to be in a crater?

Hemsworth certainly does look the part doesn’t he? The dude is jacked, and they’ve done a number on his face as well, making me forget that I was ever crying about Alexander Skarsgaard not getting the role.

Check it out below, and click through to see it bigger over at USA Today.

Extra Tidbit: I wonder how much footage we'll actually get to see at Con.
Source: USA Today



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